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Starting the 2016 season, I will be swinging PXG. PXG is one of the most innovative and forward thinking brands in golf. With over 90 patents and constructed with the highest quality materials, PXG clubs are committed to excellence. It is an honor and a privilege to not just be playing these clubs, but to be working with some of the brightest minds in the game.


I have been an RLX ambassador since 2011 and I can’t think of a better brand that embodies my sense of style along with my enthusiasm for the game of golf. Together, we really made a statement at the 2013 US Open when I wore the famous “octopus pants”. Ralph Lauren continues to grow with me as a person and as a golfer. Keep an eye out for the rest of my “major” looks this season!


Zurich is the perfect partnership in so many ways. They share my passion for golf and partnerships. The people at Zurich are like family and I enjoy the time spent with them and their customers at the Zurich Classic and at events throughout the world. Im also a Zurich customer.  And as an exclamation point, I cant think of better place to have my first win on Tour.

Nature Blast is a new exciting line of earth-friendly products. The products carry the Eco Logo so you know they are safe for you and your family. My wife and I have been using NatureBlast for the nearly five months. When we watch our daughter, Skylar, we realize the importance of using products that will keep us healthy and protect the environment. NatureBlast products are not only safe, but smell great and are tremendous at cleaning and sanitizing.


I have been playing Titleist golf balls and wearing FootJoy shoes for as long as I can remember playing golf. When I turned professional, there was never a question that I would continue to use their equipment. They are traditional golf brands with a long history of quality, consistency, performance and innovation, and that is what I look for when deciding what is going to help me play my best. 


I’m thrilled to be a part of the AQUAhydrate family for all my performance hydration needs. AQUAhydrate is pure, great tasting water that fuels my performance lifestyle. With 2x more electrolytes than the leading competitors and an alkaline pH of 9+, it’s exactly what I need for a long day on the course.

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Oliver Smith is a jewelry store owner and designer. I know Oliver has taken great pride watching my progress as a professional golfer since we began our relationship in 2014. We share common interests in golf, philanthropy, and family.