I met my wife Brittany during junior golf and it was love at first sight... for me! She took a little longer to come around. We both played golf at UF and Brittany was an incredibly talented player. Unfortunately, an ongoing struggle with wrist injuries meant she was unable to compete at the highest levels.

We married in 2010 and our dreams came true when we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Skylar Lillian, in 2014. Skylar was born two days after I won the FedEx Cup. I guess my littlest supporter was waiting to let me finish the season. I can honestly say when Skylar arrived in the world, it was the biggest win of my life. 

I know I wouldn’t be the golfer or more importantly the man I am without Brittany by my side. She’s an amazing mother, an incredible support to me and my best friend. I often say ‘Love my Life’ and I mean it. I’m so lucky to have a career I love and a wife and daughter that complete me.