In a little less than a month, 78 junior golfers will be joining me at Eagle Harbor Golf Club for my 2nd annual American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) tournament, the Billy Horschel Junior Championship. While last year’s inaugural event was a huge success, we are excited about all of the things we are doing for this year’s tournament to make it even better!

 Juniors and their families can expect the following elements to make this tournament even more memorable.

  • Stableford Format – Just like last year’s tournament, we will continue to use the Stableford format for this year’s competition. This is one of my favorite elements, as it is the only AJGA tournament with this format, and it creates a fun yet competitive atmosphere for the participants.

  • Clinic with Billy Horschel and Todd Anderson – I had so much fun with the clinic last year, we just had to do it again this year! However, this year, the clinic will take place on Friday, which will allow both the junior players and the Junior-Am tournament participants to attend the clinic. My favorite part is hearing from all of you – so be sure to bring some questions for the Q&A session!

  • Ralph Lauren x Billy Horschel Collaboration Shirts – This year junior golfers will get to take home a shirt from the new Ralph Lauren x Billy Horschel Collaboration line! I am super excited about this because I was extremely involved in the design process for the line. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments off the course, and I am thrilled to get to share a shirt with all of the juniors who will be playing in the tournament.

  • Nameplates on the Range – Having participated in numerous AJGA events when we were younger, Brittany and I know how important these tournaments can be when high schoolers are trying to connect with college coaches. To help facilitate appropriate networking and to give the juniors even more legitimacy, we will be incorporating name plates on the range. After the tournament concludes, the juniors will be able to take their name plate home and a cool keepsake!

  • The Billy and Brittany Horschel ACE Grant Endowment Fund – Philanthropy will always be at the heart of this tournament. In addition to giving back to the Jacksonville community through Feeding Northeast Florida, this tournament will also support the Billy and Brittany Horschel ACE Grant Endowment Fund. Brittany and I think it is so important to support junior golf because of the impact it had on both of us. It means even more to us that the junior golfers who participate in my tournament will be eligible to receive funds from the grant for future financial assistance.

As you can see, we’ve been hard at work to make this tournament the best it can be. I can’t wait to see all of you and your families in just a few weeks in Jacksonville. Best of luck to all the junior golfers!