To My Fans,

I knew that the 2014-15 PGA TOUR season was going to be a unique experience. After winning the FedEx Cup, things were going to change a bit. There were going to be more media requests at tournaments and at home, more requests from sponsors at certain tournaments, and I was going to be playing in the spotlight every week. Add to that, becoming a father for the first time while my wife and I learned how to travel with a baby on the road. I was prepared for the year to be a huge learning experience and I was completely ready for it!

When I look back on my game this season, it was a very solid year up until the Wyndham Championship. I played some solid golf, nothing special, but my year was going a lot better than last year. I felt very positive with my game going into the final month of the season. My ball-striking and putting had been solid all year long. My short game had improved, which was a major focus for me, as well as my team. I felt like I was ready and about to go on a great run to finish the year off.

Unfortunately, the way I envisioned the year ending didn’t go as planned. That's GOLF! But, the year had not been a failure at all. I entered a new realm in the golf world and I feel as though I handled the new challenges very well. I truly believe that I am a better player now than I was last year. Results on the course may not show that, but certain golf stats will. My team and I believe in these stats, and that's all that really matters. All in all, it was another successful year.

Fans, sponsors and friends always seem to ask us golfers, "What is your most memorable moment from the year?" It's always tough to for me to remember one specific moment because I feel like there are some many of them. I can however, think of my top five moments of the 2014-15 Season:

  • Seeing my daughter crawl/walk for the first time

  • Being honored as the FedEx Cup Champion and having FedEx donate one-million dollars to St. Jude in my name

  • Going birdie, birdie at St. Andrews to make the cut

  • Playing with Jordan Spieth the first two rounds of the Masters and watching the unbelievable golf that he played

  • Finally, being announced every week as the defending FedEx Cup Champion

Even though the past year was a successful one, it was not the year I had envisioned, it ended way to soon. My team and I have already devised a game plan for this off-season. We have set goals for how we are going to improve to ensure that I can become a regular contender at tournaments, specifically in the Majors. In turn, leading to more victories. What I need to do for this happen is to have a more consistent wedge and short game. I’m already a great ball-striker and putter. When I look at players like Jordan, Jason, and Rory and compare my games to theirs, I realize that from 125 yards and in, they are more consistent with their wedge and short games than I am. We truly believe that if I’m able to raise my wedge game, than 2015-2016 will be a huge year.

I’ve never been one write my goals down or state my goals in public. However, one of my main goals for 2016 is make the Ryder Cup team. I can’t think of a better atmosphere to represent my country than there. I love America and I love wearing the colors of this great nation. I repeatedly state that there is no greater honor in golf than wearing the colors of my country. Add being teammates with 11 other great players from the US, and it gets me excited just thinking about being a part of this great competition. 

Thank you to all my partners; Ping, Titleist/FootJoy, Ralph Lauren, Zurich, Lexus, Oliver Smith Jewelers, Arccos, NetJets, and Feeding Northeast Florida, for their continued support this year. I really appreciate the relationship I have with each one of you, and look forward to greater things ahead.

Last but not least, THANK YOU, to my fans for your support. You all push me to keep getting better as a golfer and as a person. Hopefully, I can hear some more “Go BillyHo” on the course next year when I’m winning tournaments, especially at the Majors.


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