It's PGA Championship week, the last Major of the season.  It seems only fitting to give you all a glimpse of my personal thoughts on Major Championships.

The first Major I remember watching is the '96 Masters. I was a big fan of Greg Norman and was pulling for him to win. Unfortunately, it wasn't his day and Nick Faldo won.

The Major that I always wanted to play was the U.S. Open. I always thought it was the great test of golf for a golfer. This is still my opinion. The U.S. Open has become my favorite Major as a player. I believe it's the greatest test for a golfer and the best player that week always wins! Finishing 4th in the 2013 U.S. Open allowed me to really believe that I belong out on TOUR as a pro.

The feelings I feel when I tee it up in a Major are like no other tournament. I know I can be part of history if I play well that week. It's a week where everything is intensified.

My routine does not change during the week of a major. Even though there is so much more spotlight on players and the tournament, I try to maintain the same routine just like any other week. 

After winning the FedExCup last year, sometimes I am asked how that compares to a Major. The feeling between a Major and the FedEx is not that much different. Knowing that if I have a great week I can be part of history is really exciting. I want to play my best in the biggest events and if I do, I can have a memorable week that the game  will never forget.