Monday marked my first time back at the course in three weeks. That was my plan starting my stretch of a six week break from competitive play- to step away from the clubs for a bit. I have started back with practice to get myself ready for the last few events I will play before 2015 comes to a close. My plan the next three weeks is to focus 80% of my practice time working from 125 yards and in. That includes wedge play, short game, and putting.

My wedge play and short game are the two areas where I can easily improve. My goal is to become more consistent. When these areas of my game are on, I play well; however, I am a little inconsistent. If I routinely want to start winning more and contending in Majors, I need to be more consistent in these areas.

I have been working hard on my fitness routine this off-season. My fitness goal is to put more muscle on my frame. My team and I felt like if we could add more muscle (strength, power, and speed) I would have an added advantage going forward. I have been working with my two trainers, Jeff Fronk, here in Jacksonville and Randy Myers, in Sea Island.  I am working out six days a week and pushing my body harder when I’m with Jeff Fronk than I have in the past. It is important to gain muscle while still maintaining flexibility, also focus on injury prevention.

In addition to the physical training, I am really trying to eat right. I have a pretty healthy diet, but need to consume more protein to help build the muscle I am looking for. So far, I’ve added roughly 10 pounds since the end of the season. Not all of that is muscle but it’s a start. Ideally, I’d like to see my weight around 180-185 lbs. Right now, I’m at 177 lbs, so, not far off the goal that I set before my 6 week break.

It has been a relaxing and enjoyable time being home for a few weeks. A time where I can regroup, relax and spend time with family!