HARD WORK AND DEDICATION: My parents instilled these values in my brothers and me from an early age. I know first hand what it’s like to have to battle for success and trust me, it’s much sweeter when you achieve it that way. 

LISTENING AND LEARNING: Everyone that knows me, knows I love to talk! But, I’m always listening too. I’ve learned from some really inspirational people in my life, including my Dad, my UF coach Buddy Alexander and my current golf coach, Todd Anderson. Although my college education was very important, it is the life lessons that have framed me as a person. 

HONESTY AND CANDOR: The world is full of people that don’t speak their minds. I’m an open guy who feels that conversation and friendly debate is healthy. Over the years I have changed a few people’s minds by giving my opinion, but actually I have changed mine more.

GIVING BACK: I believe in giving back to my family and my team for helping me get to where I am today. I also love to support those less fortunate through philanthropic partnerships and charity events. I’m planning to launch a foundation over the next few years but until then, I will continue to support the causes that mean the most to Brittany and me including Feeding Northeast Florida, Habitat for Humanity and the United States Military.